Bontrager wampa

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Bontrager wampa

bontrager wampa

Filter By: Availability. In Stock - Call for Location Availability 9. Trek 66 Rocky Mountain 28 Surly 1. On Sale 5. Not Designated 90 Women's 4 Unisex 1. Model Year. Home Bicycling Catalog Bikes Mountain. Trek Fuel EX 8.

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Fuel EX 8 is the ideal trail bike for mountain bikers who want a versatile full suspension ripper that can crush marathon and multi-stage races and still huck with the enduro crew. It hits the sweet spot of value and performance in our mountain bike lineup with an Alpha Aluminum frame, mm front and mm rear suspension, and SRAM GX Eagle speed drivetrain.

It's right for you if You're cool with your wheels leaving the ground, but you also like to go the distance on marathon singletrack sessions and aim to clear every rock garden on the first try. You want exceptional trail bike performance with the same MTB frame and suspension tech found on higher-end trail bikes, at an exceptional value. The final word It's a trail bike that is fully capable of keeping up with whatever you throw at it. It has the same frame and suspension tech found on our top-of-the-line trail bikes, with a SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 drivetrain that delivers a huge range of gearing with the simplicity of a single shifter.

Why you'll love it - This bike is perfect for shredding singletrack, hitting drops, and pushing your limits in multi-stage and marathon events - If you measure quality in performance per dollar, you won't do better than Fuel EX 8 - You sense its capability immediately, like when you're charging through sections of trail you never thought you'd clean - The shifter-style, underbar remote dropper post lever is super intuitive and easy to use - We expanded our size range to ensure a better fit for all riders.

And, you get the fastest wheel that fits your frame: XS frames get Trek Roscoe 7. Roscoe 7 is a mid-fat trail hardtail for riders who favor a fun and lively ride. Confidence-inspiring You're new to the trail and want a fun and accessible hardtail that keeps you confident and in control when the trail gets rough. Or, you're a more experienced trail rider and you want a bike with more traction that knows how to party when you're out riding with friends.

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The tech you get Roscoe 7 features a strong Alpha Gold Aluminum frame, confidence-inspiring It's equipped with a reliable Shimano Deore 1x10 drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a dropper post for extra room on rough trails. The final word When you're riding Roscoe 7, it doesn't matter if you're a first-timer or an off-road pro—whatever your skill level, you're gonna have fun.

It's built for ease of use and durability, so you can focus on enjoying the trail ahead. Why you'll love it - It's more fun to be a better rider: Roscoe is so stable and forgiving, it's like an instant ability upgrade - A shorter stem and wider handlebar make it easier to control - Even when the trail gets rough, the wide Trek Marlin 5. Marlin 5 is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday adventures, on and off the trail. A front suspension fork with mm of travel, 21 speeds, and mounts for a rack and kickstand make it an ideal choice for new trail riders or anyone looking for a comfortable, stable commuter with the ruggedness of a real mountain bike.

The tech you get A lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminum frame with internal routing to protect your cables and add to the bike's sleek look, 21 speeds, a wide range of gearing so you always have the right gear for your terrain, hydraulic disc brakes that feel smoother than mechanical disc brakes, and a suspension fork with mm of travel—that's the same amount favored by most cross country racers.

But it's also versatile, and Marlin 5 is a popular ride on college campuses because the rack and kickstand mounts make it easy to accessorize and haul a load.Filter By: Categories. Trek 9. On Sale 4.

Carbon wheels

Not Designated 8 Unisex 1. Home Bicycling Bikes Mountain. Trek Farley 7. Farley 7 is the mountain biker's fat bike. It's built to feel like a traditional mountain bike with way more capability.

How Much Faster Are Aero Wheels?

The lightweight aluminum frame, SRAM 1x12 drivetrain, dropper post, and Manitou Mastodon fork make it the ideal ride for trail-shredders who want to get rad in every season. It's right for you if You want your fat bike to feel like your traditional mountain bike.

Or, you're riding a fat bike year-round and want to put your money into the parts that really matter, like a performance drivetrain and a quality suspension fork. The final word This is a fat bike that rides with the handling characteristics of a traditional trail bike—only it's a lot more versatile. You're getting a great frame and a performance parts group, but you're really paying for the incredible capability of the Manitou Mastodon fork.

Why you'll love it - If you were under the impression that fat bikes were sluggish, this bike will change your mind - The combination of the Manitou Mastodon fork and 4.

bontrager wampa

Trek Farley 9. Farley 9. If you're ready to go hard through every season and love fat biking in every form- racing, adventure, fun - Farley 9. You don't just want to ride trails through the winter - you want to ride fast. You already know you love every aspect of fat biking, and are looking for a faster ride with better performance to take on bigger adventures. The final word Speed in every season. It's the ideal winter shred sled for fat bike adventurers, racers looking to train outside year-round, and anyone who values the performance advantage of carbon.

Why you'll love it 1 - The faster you ride a fat bike, the more fun it gets—and this bike is a lot of fun 2 - It's a four-season freedom machine that lets you ride outside all year long 3 - The This is a mountain bike with no compromises, and it's all about going as fast as possible in every season. You don't like fat biking - you love it!

You make the biggest investment in your fat bike because you have the best time riding it, and you're willing to shell out for the lightest, fastest, fat bike we make because you know there's a return in fun, speed, and adventure.

The final word It's the lightest fat bike we make. Why you'll love it 1 - This is a fat bike made without compromise: it's the lightest, fastest model we make 2 - It's a four-season freedom machine that lets you ride outside all year long 3 - The Key features - OCLV Mountain Carbon frame is ultralight, ultra-tough - Trail-optimized geometry for stability and responsiveness in every season - Fast-rolling Trek Marlin 5.

Marlin 5 is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday adventures, on and off the trail.Farley 9. This is a mountain bike with no compromises, and it's all about going as fast as possible in every season. It's right for you if You don't like fat biking - you love it! You make the biggest investment in your fat bike because you have the best time riding it, and you're willing to shell out for the lightest, fastest, fat bike we make because you know there's a return in fun, speed, and adventure.

The final word It's the lightest fat bike we make. Why you'll love it 1 - This is a fat bike made without compromise: it's the lightest, fastest model we make 2 - It's a four-season freedom machine that lets you ride outside all year long 3 - The Black Lives Matter Read more.

Car Racks. Gift Cards. Size: Select Size Color: Rage Red. Availability: Please select options. Shipping options Deliver to Address This item is eligible for delivery in select areas. View available options in checkout. Shipping options Pick up in Store Find a store near you.

Add to Cart. All options include free professional assembly and expert local advice. Add to Wish List. Geometry chart.

Dropper posts.

Mountain bike wheels & wheelsets

Why Pedals sold separately. Trek Farley 9. Bontrager Line, internal routing, Bike is in great shape.

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I am selling my custom-built Trek Farley EX 9. It is a I bought the frame used and built it up with new and used components. The highlights of this bike are the carbon frame, Sram X01 speed drive train and Bontrager Wampa carbon wheels.

The Rockshox Bluto fork has mm of suspension. The production version of this bike came with a mm fork. The rear shock has mm of travel. There are a few small scratches on the frame and fork from normal riding. The biggest scratches are shown in the photos. To get this bike ready to sell, I replaced the following components with NEW parts. These parts only have 10 miles on them from one trail ride to make sure they are functioned properly: Brakes, Shifter, Derailleur, Chain, Handlebar, Stem, Grips.

Wheels: Bontrager Wampa carbon, 80mm wide, mm front, mm rear or Light Bicycle Carbon rims, 28mm width, Bitex fat hubs, 6-pawl, point alloy freehub. Tires: Bontrager Hodag They are Light Bicycle carbon rims with Bitex fat bike hubs 6-pawl, point alloy freehub.

The hub spacing is front, rear so they were built specifically for a fat bike. The rim width is 28mm with Bontrager XR2 29 x 2.

Bike Wheels

The last photo is with the Light Bicycle Wheels. If you're interested in both wheelsets, send me a message and I can send you an offer for the agreed price.

I use Bike Flights dot com to ship. If you live in Northeast Wisconsin, I can arrange a local pickup to save you the shipping cost. Thanks for looking! The bike with the Wampa wheels weighs under 31lbs. Below is a list of all the components I used for this build. Some scratches from normal riding.A great set of carbon wheels can give your ride an instant upgrade in performance and handling. We understand they're an investment, and that's why we back every carbon Bontrager wheelset with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

When you buy Bontrager carbon wheels, you're buying confidence in craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime.

Additionally, every set of Bontrager carbon wheels is backed by the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program, which provides free repair or replacement in the unlikely event you damage your wheels within the first two years of ownership and deeply discounted rebuild or replacement to the original owner regardless of the date of purchase.

This coverage applies to Bontrager carbon wheels that come stock on bikes as well as aftermarket wheel purchases. We appreciate that carbon wheels are a serious investment, and this program was designed to help you feel fully confident in your purchase.

Lifetime All Bontrager carbon wheels are protected with a lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects. After two years We provide continued coverage beyond the first two years from the original date of purchase, with steeply discounted rebuild or replacement of a damaged Bontrager carbon wheel. Costs are wheel-dependent and shown in the table below. Carbon Care offers two options, and the approach is determined by the wheel and the severity of the damage.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Repair price and free replacement does not include shipping to and from the Bontrager Wheel Service Center. Contact your Trek retailer for details including a list of wheels covered by the program, current availability, pricing, and shipping quotes. Stop riding the bike 2. Take the bike to an authorised Trek retailer.

You can find your local retailer here. Your retailer will initiate the process to have your wheel replaced or repaired through Carbon Care. Always ride safely. Warrantied for life. Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program. See carbon MTB wheels Shop now. See carbon Road wheels Shop now. Program details. If you suspect your wheel is damaged:. Explore carbon wheels Shop now. Product Compare Rack Start comparison.By Russell Eich.

No longer just for snow and sand, fat bikes are going the way of regular mountain bikes and branching out within the genre. Riding the Farley EX 9. Even with a high for a fat bike tire 9psi up front and 11psi in the rear, the auto steer compared to a regular bike with 2. To get any bike to turn, you instinctively push the handlebar grip the opposite direction you want to go to get the bike to lean accordingly. Which way did the bike tip, then carve? Now with that out of the way, because fat bike tires have such a huge contact patch, that little nudge to the opposite direction causes a much larger force of direction change.

So initially the handling feels wobbly, unstable and kooky. The Full Floater and ABP designs devour bumps and rarely leave any room for want when it comes to tracking. Pedaling performance is adequate, too. The traditional mountain bike feeling should also be attributed to having the narrowest yet biggest diameter tires — The rounded profile and small knobs rolled well, but when asked to bite on loose rocks and dirt they typically responded with a slide. Lowering pressures could have achieved more traction and increased contact, however the thin sidewalls needed all the air support they could get to avoid squirming and folding.

On a bummer note, I did manage to crack the rear Wampa carbon rim while chasing a very fast friend down a dry, rocky and somewhat technical trail. The wheel did not implode and I was able to limp back out. Trek was quick with a new wheel, too. I admit it was pilot error to some extent, as I caught the edge of the rim on a jagged rock. Would it have happened to a regular mountain bike rim? I have contacted Trek and will update when I hear back.

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As I wondered in my first look of the Farley EX 9. Where I live, in the Colorado Rockies, the snow has very low moisture content. This means that unless the trail gets snowshoed or packed in some other way, riding any fat bike is virtually impossible. With that in mind, the Farley EX does very well when the conditions allow.Upgrading your wheels is a surefire way to save weight, go faster, and improve your bike's handling. Filter By: Availability.

In Store On Sale 1. Not Designated Unisex Model Year. Home Bicycling Catalog Bike Wheels. Bike Wheels.

bontrager wampa

The brings a lot to the table, including heritage proven in the world's hardest races. The carbon wheel that helped pioneer the Firecrest rim platform for improved aerodynamics and crosswind stability also features the unspoken durability that has repeatedly won Paris Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders - Firecrest rim technology affords the rider more speed, more stability, and more strength.

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This technology offers stable, predictable handling, and the wider rim increases lateral stiffness while offering greater vertical compliance. Vision Metron 40 Carbon Clincher Wheelset. The Metron 40 wheelset is built for both climbing and CX. Victorious on the Cyclocross course, the cobbles of the spring classics, and the torturous mountain stages in the Pro peloton, this wheelset can handle whatever you put them through. Available in both Clincher and Tubular, these wheels will suite all of your personal needs.

This wheelset is living proof that Vision wheels are among the best in the business. Look no further, your new carbon wheelset is waiting! Stolen Rampage inch Cassette Rear Wheel. The Rampage rear wheel features a sealed bearing hub, 14mm axle, and a Rampage double-walled rim.

Stan's lightweight aluminum valve stems are half the weight of Stan's standard brass valves. The secure round base is compatible with most tubeless rims and a perfect fit for all Stan's BST rims.

A removable valve core makes adding sealant easy, and these babies fit up to 8mm valve hole. Sold as a pair.

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Stan's NoTubes Rim Tape. Can be used with Stan's ZTR rims to make them airtight or used as a lightweight rim tape in any rim.


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